More than 50 individuals lost around RM600000 to a group of E-Wallet scammers


Based on a report by, it seems that around 50 victims fell prey to a group of E-Wallet scammers who have managed to bag around RM600000. In order to pull the scam off, some individuals in the group will act as agents who will seek out selected individuals and promise them up to RM300 if they were to sign up.

The selected individuals sought out by the agents will then be required to provide several sensitive details such as IC number and more, in order to gain access to their e-Wallet. After that, the group will then intimidate the victims into transferring all their assets into the e-Wallet because their bank account will be at risk of being suspended due to illegal activity.

Later on, the scammers will transfer any funds from the victim’s e-Wallet to a separate account. Thankfully, two individuals that were involved in the scam were caught recently by the JSJK and they were carrying at least 6 mobile phones, 13 SIM cards as well as 6 ATM cards.

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