Motorola making a comeback with smartwatches, due in 2014


The Motorola MOTOACTV was introduced in 2012 but discontinued in 2013

Like a couple of other smartwatch makers, it isn't the first time Motorola have come up with a smartwatch. Back in 2012 they came out with the Motorola MOTOACTV, which was a smartwatch health tracker fitness device that didn't really fly off the shelves. Now it seems like Motorola may be coming back on the smartwatch bandwagon as Rick Osterloh, Vice President of Motorola was quoted as saying that the new Motorola smartwatch would look good at the same time. He didn't really reveal all that much about other tech specs and details but his exact words were:

“Right now, there are no wearable products you actually want to wear, and it’s because they’re all extremely ugly”

Rather strange words coming from the people who made the Motorola MOTOACTV which followed the standard slab of touchscreen school of design nearly every other ugly smartwatch is using right now, but this is all good. The Motorola smartwatch is expected in 2014 but later in the year. No news on Malaysia pricing yet but stay tuned and we'll keep you posted.