Motorola working with Phoneblocks to make Project Ara modular smartphone

Project Ara cover.jpg

Do you remember the modular smartphone concept Phonebloks? Well, it seems that they weren't the only ones working on a similar modular smartphone concept as Motorola have come out with their take on the concept with Project Ara. Built upon the bones of Project Sticky, Motorola say that they have been working on Project Ara for about a year now and have contacted Phonebloks. According to Motorola, they will use input from the Phonebloks community to help improve Project Ara. We were excited when the Phonebloks concept first came out so we're thrilled now that Motorola are picking up the pace with Project Ara. No news on pricing or Malaysia release dates just yet, but we expect this to take at least another 6 or so more months with a possible release date in 2014 (perhaps at CES 2014, Computex 2014 or IFA 2014?). For now, check out the Project Ara pics and refresh your memory with the previous Phonebloks video below:

Project Ara Mod.jpg

Project Ara in all it's glorious pieces

The previous Phonebloks video