My Netflix makes it easier to find the shows you're watching


Do you find browsing through screens and tabs on Netflix troublesome? You're probably not the only one, as Netflix has found it necessary to make things easier for its users. Say hi to the My Netflix tab.

The My Netflix tab is a new feature added to the mobile Netflix app. In a blog post, Netflix's Edith Chao (Product Manager) described it as a "one-stop shop" for users, as it places the shows and movies you've watched in one tab for easy tracking. This includes those saved to the My List, trailers, and more.

As you can tell, this feature can be handy if you just want to get to the shows you're planning to watch. Moreover, it's convenient for people who prefer watching Netflix on their phones. Currently, the My Netflix feature is only available on iOS. Android users will get it later in early August.

So, is this a feature that's useful for you? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned to TechNave for more updates like this.