MySejahtera app will be updated with a new COVID-19 vaccine registration soon

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Just yesterday, it was announced by the health ministry that there will be a new update for MySejahtera app at the end of January. The new update features a new registration for Malaysians eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

From an emergency briefing with the media, Dr Maheshwara Rao Appannan commented that with this new update, healthcare officials can keep track of Malaysians participating in the vaccine programme. Moreover, it can also allow them to monitor any effects after the vaccination. The health ministry is confident to vaccinate up to 70-80% of the population.

The doctor recommended MySejahtera users to enable push notifications so that they can get the latest updates as soon as possible. Besides that, Dr Nazrila Hairizan Nasir was also present and said Malaysians can use the self-reporting feature on the app to inform the Covid-19 Assessment and Unified Command Centre of their status. It is one of the quickest ways to get in contact with the authorities until their arrival.

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