NASA’s garbage hits man’s home in Florida - Thankfully, nobody was harmed


If your house was hit by an unknown object out of nowhere, you might get panicked. What if your house was hit by some junk from NASA? Apparently, a man in Florida had to go through this bizarre experience.

On 8 March 2024, a man reported that a piece of space debris plunged through a roof in Naples, FL. Thankfully, this debris narrowly missed the son of the homeowner, Alejandro Otero. Interestingly, NASA recently confirmed the debris was a piece of equipment dumped from the International Space Station (ISS) three years ago.

According to NASA, the debris was a piece of the EP-9 support equipment used to mount batteries onto a cargo pallet. This debris was dropped by the ISS’ robotic arm on 11 March 2021. Looks like NASA thought the junk would burn up in the atmosphere. Clearly, that is not the case now.

In addition, Otero informed CBS affiliate WINK-TV that he was on vacation when the incident happened. NASA says they will investigate why the junk parts dropped onto Otero’s home instead of being disposed in outer space. In case you didn’t know, space junk moves extremely fast, reaching up to 18,000 mph.

Overall, it could pose a problem if a space junk is on its way to our country. Hopefully, such incident does not occur in Malaysia.


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