NGO calls for PADU registration to be extended so that more Malaysians can sign up

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Despite launching on 2 January, the number of people updating their info on the Central Database Hub (PADU) remained low, with it not even achieving 20% after nearly two months. Accordingly, a local NGO has urged for the registration due date to be extended so that more people can update their info. 

As reported by The Sun, the Malaysian Coalition of Ageing, an NGO advocating for the wellbeing of the elderly in our country has urged for the due date to be extended beyond 31 March. The NGO chairman, Cheah Tuck Wing asserted that this is because senior citizens would not be able to register before the deadline as many don’t have the assistance to do so. 

He added that the government should recognise that those in need, including senior citizens and people with disabilities may require more time and help to register for PADU. Cheah stressed that when implementing a system such as PADU, the government need to consider its accessibility and usability for all demographics. 

Senior citizens in particular may be overwhelmed by digital platforms. Nusantara Academy for Strategic Research senior research fellow Dr Azmi Hassan concurred with the suggestion, stressing that ensuring the public is registered is crucial for the government to efficiently allocate aid and subsidies to targeted groups that might have been previously overlooked.

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