Need a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? Huawei's got your back!


Chocolates run out and flowers wither. If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone that will never expire, Huawei’s got some amazing promotions going on from now till the 15th of February on the Huawei Online Store.

Want the trendiest smartphone that’s about to be released on the market? Well, the Huawei Nova 4 is about to be released this week and is open for pre-orders from now till the 13th of February at only RM1899. To make your purchase even better, if you purchase the smartphone online, you’ll receive a RM450 goodie bag consisting of a Bluetooth headset, a Premium Gift Pack and Huawei shopping vouchers. The goodie bag is only available while stocks last only and the vouchers are only applicable for HUAWEI accessories only. Don’t worry as the smartphone will be delivered directly to your doorstep on the 14th of February onwards, free of charge!

Not interested in the Nova 4? Huawei is offering limited edition Valentine’s Day gift bundles on the Huawei Online Store on the 12th till 15th of February. The bundles are only available when you purchase the Huawei Mate and Y series where you may receive freebies up to RM500 which you can see below!


Want to get more bang out of your buck during this promotion? Flash sales will be happening on the 13th till 15th of February at 12PM. During this sale, you’ll find items such as the Huawei Y Max, Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei Power Bank, Huawei AP38 Super Car Charger, and Huawei AP55S Micro USB as well as Type C Cables. You’ll find deals as low as RM11 and up to RM700 discounts on smartphones.

If you think you’ve got the luck, why not join in Huawei’s Lucky Spin and Win campaign on the 8th till 12th of February. There are prizes worth up to RM150000. All you have to do is login the Huawei website and you’ll get 3 free spins. You’ll get an extra spin when you share the Spin and Win campaign on your social media platforms. Among gifts you can win during the spin are dining vouchers at The Westin Hotel KL. Here’s the full list of gifts:

PrtScr capture.png

We’re at T minus 4 days till Valentine’s Day so you better move fast! For the best tech gift ideas this Valentine’s Day, make sure to watch out for!

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