Neopets is (sort of) making a comeback to your smartphone and tablet devices


The newer generation might never hear of Neopets before, but back in the early 2000s, it was a popular web browser game that allowed you to own a 'Neopet' and do various activities together. While it's not as popular as before, it looks like Neopets is making its way to the mobile gaming platform (well, sort of).

According to the tweet post from the official Neopets Twitter account, you will be able to play the game from not just your desktop, but as well as on your smartphone and tablet. However, instead of making a new app from scratch for Neopets, the team is offering a mobile site which means you have to play it on a web browser. It's weird to read this in this modern era, but hey, at least you get to continue your Neopet journey from the desktop.

The tweet post also mentioned that the mobile site will have the same game features from the desktop version. This is including creating and customizing your pets, exploring different worlds, daily activities, game events and many more. Oh well, at least there won't be any microtransactions or in-game item purchases.

By the way, there are approximately 1.5 million active players that are still playing Neopets. Are you one of them? If you're interested, the Neopets mobile site is on beta testing now which you can sign up here (there are bonus points for you if you haven't forgotten your password). Stay tuned for more trending gaming news at