Netflix will allow viewers to watch shows and movies from 0.5x to 1.5x speed very soon


Based on a statement by, it seems that Netflix could allow viewers to watch shows and movies from as slow as 0.5x all the way up to 1.5x speed very soon. While not much is known in regards to when this feature will be available to Malaysians, we do know that viewers will be required to opt-in to this feature whenever they’re watching a new series or movie so that they won’t accidentally watch at a slightly slower or faster speed.

Other than the playback speeds mentioned above, it seems that Netflix is not keen on adding playback speed of faster than 1.5x due to the fact that it may disrupt how the creators intended the shows and movies are meant to be viewed. However, if you’re still keen on watching at a much faster rate than what is offered by Netflix, you might want to consider installing a third-party browser extension such as “Video Speed Controller” on the Chrome Web Store.

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