New Apple Mac products now available to order, including a wheeling kit that cost RM2799


Apple is making news all over the Internet. First, they silently announced the new iPhone SE  last night, then also updated their website with the Magic Keyboard's price tag (from RM1394) which will arrive next week. Besides that, the company is bringing in the new MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac mini, Pro Display XDR, and...a Mac Pro Wheels Kit?

Yes, these accessories for the Mac Pro (current generation) cost RM2799 in total. That's pretty insane, isn't it? To know the reason why these wheels cost so damn much, the description says the "custom-designed stainless steel and rubber wheels make it easy to move your Mac Pro around, whether sliding it out from under your desk or across your studio" (thanks, Captain Obvious). If you prefer having the standing feet type, the Mac Pro Feet kit is also available online for RM1199 (lol).



Anyway, the new MacBook Air's price tag starts from RM4399, whereas the Mac Pro starts from a hefty RM25,999. Meanwhile, the Mac mini and Pro DIsplay XDR cost from RM3449 and RM19,999 respectively. What can I say, no one does it like Apple. To learn more about the new Mac stuff, you can visit the official website here. Stay tuned for more Apple news at