New Dual Engine Fast Charging technology revealed on vivo V11


So here's another vivo V11 juicy news. According to the company, the V11 will be equipped with a new Dual Engine Fast Charging technology. Just so you know, it's not just some fancy name for the technology because as the name suggests, it really has two engines inside the phone.

Vivo claims that the Dual Engine Fast Charging technology is twice as fast compared with a standard charging technology. How this works is that there are two charging chips and dual charging circuits inside the phone, once plugged in via the charging cable, the electrical power will surge into that hardware in two-ways instead of one-way. In addition to that, vivo also made sure that the battery charging has protection with nine different safeguard features. I guess they will show us more when the event comes.


By the way, the V11 is equipping a microUSB port. Stay tuned for more vivo news at

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