New Steam dates leaked for Halloween, Autumn and Winter Sales


When it comes to video game sales, there isn't quite a platform like Steam. If you actually missed out on the Steam Summer Sales, no worries - there are more. According to SteamDB, there are potentially three more sales coming this year so get ready your wallet.

Before we get into the three other sales, the next Steam sale is the Digital Tabletop Fest 2021 which will begin from the 21st until the 25th of October. As the name suggests, this is for digital board game fans and Valve even invited game developers to participate.


As for the upcoming (but unconfirmed) Steam sales, it is reported that the Halloween Sale will begin after the Digital Tabletop Fest 2021. Starting from 28 October until 1 November, we can expect every horror video game to be on a massive sale so it would be a good time to pick up popular titles such as the Resident Evil series and others just like last year.

After that, Steam should also throw another Autumn and Winter Sale annually. For this year, the Autumn Sale may start on 24-30 November whereas the Winter Sale could come on 22 December until 5 January 2022. With the ongoing pandemic period, it's a great time to buy and try out the games that you have always wanted to try so do give them a go if you have the time.

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