New U Mobile 5G Borneo mobile plans unveiled for East Malaysia, starting price at RM20 per month

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Today, U Mobile unveiled a brand-new range of 5G postpaid and prepaid plans. However, it's only for subscribers in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. With the new U Postpaid Borneo 38 plan, U Postpaid Borneo 68 plan, and U Prepaid Borneo 20 plan, the starting price is only RM20 per month.

To celebrate the launch of the new U Borneo plans, the U Postpaid Borneo 38 is being offered at a promotional price of only RM28 per month (RRP RM38 monthly). The plan provides unlimited 5G/high-speed 4G data, unlimited hotspots also unlimited calls to all local networks. Moreover, there's also a prepaid option - U Prepaid Borneo 20 at a promotional price of just RM15 (RRP RM20 monthly) for 2000GB of 5G data and 120GB of 4G data with no speed caps, unlimited hotspots and calls.

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For subscribers looking for the latest 5G phones, they can bundle it with U Postpaid Borneo 68. Priced at RM68 monthly, it offers unlimited 5G/high-speed 4G data, unlimited hotspots and unlimited calls. In addition, subscribers of U Postpaid Borneo 68 will also get 200GB worth of data monthly to roam in three countries - Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

According to Navin Manian, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile, he said new range of plans is just the start of U Mobile’s increased East Malaysian focus and there will be more to come for the region. On top of these new U Borneo plans, U Mobile also offers U Home 5G home broadband plan at the promotional price of RM68 monthly (RRP RM78 monthly).

For more information about the new U Borneo plans, you can visit the official web portal right over here