New Waze update allows you to record your own voiceover


Setting different type of voice in your Waze app is not uncommon, you have already heard the likes of C3P0 from Star Wars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Fernades, Morgan Freeman, Elvis Presley and more. But right now, you can now add your own voice to the mix if you aren't satisfied with those!


The new app update, which is only available in Android,added in a voice recorder which you can customize yourself. To do your own funny voiceovers, just go to Sound & Voice, then to Voice Recorder and start recording your own lines. It's just as simple as that.

In addition, there is also a new Mr. T voiceover. However, keep in mind that at this moment, it is only available in USA and Canada (Android version once again). But that can be changed if the iOS gets an update on that, we shall see.   

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