New battery breakthrough may double current Lithium Ion battery capacity


While we are getting new processors, screen and even housing design – the humble battery is still essentially the same tech that the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia used way back. Now MIT may have just cracked the code to make current battery more efficient – up to two times if the report is correct.


SolidEnergy Systems – a company with its roots in MIT, has developed a new form of electrolyte solution that doesn’t overreact to lithium-metal. With this technology in place, batteries can be made half the size of modern batteries and still retain their full capacity. Or conversely, you can make a battery the same size today, but with double the charge capacity.

Thus far there is no confirmation if the technology will be heading to us anytime soon, but we are hoping that it will. So stay tuned to TechNave as we share more information in the near future.