New research shows that half of the world's population doesn't own a smartphone

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Photo courtesy of Indulgexpress

Most of us living in this era probably treat a smartphone as essential. Without it, some might even find it challenging to carry on with activities for the rest of the days. However, this new research is telling us that not all of us need a smartphone in our lives, by showing that half of the world's population doesn't own the device.

The research conducted by Strategy Analytics shows that the percentage of the world population that uses a smartphone has increased dramatically over the past 27 years. Despite the hike, it's still surprising to find out that half of us living in this world don't have a smartphone. As people who rely on smartphones very much, we wonder how they live their days without one.

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Looking at the other way around, it is also impressive that some 4 billion people use a smartphone every day. It is said that no other technological device has this much penetration. Not only for us to make calls, but smartphones have also helped us a lot in our lives in terms of productivity. Therefore, the source quoted the device as "the most successful computer ever".

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