Next Apple Event announced, here's what to expect & where to watch the livestream

Screenshot 2023-10-25 094207.png

In the wee hours this morning, Apple officially announced the next Apple Event. It's set for 30 October 2023 at 5 PM (PT) and surprisingly, the livestream for the Malaysian market will be early at 8 AM on 31 October 2023 (because it usually happens past midnight). 

So what can we expect? Well, one big clue given is the old Mac logo face hinted at on this website. Also, the tagline "Scary Fast" is written in conjunction with Halloween so it's very likely that Apple would unveil a new M3 chipset for the next-gen iMacs and Macbooks. As for new iPads, the rumours about it weren't very convincing. 

Are you excited to tune into the Apple Event livestream at 8 AM on Halloween day? You can check it out at or on the Apple TV+ app, as well as its official Apple channel on The video is already up and you can click 'notify me'.