Nintendo is back at it again with the Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has officially announced the Ring Fit Adventure fitness game, which comes bundled with the Ring-con and Leg Strap will launch on the 18 October 2019. The accessories allow the player to control the movement of their character by jogging, stretching and many more.

The player can progress through the world of Ring Fit Adventure by completing stages, battling monsters as well as bosses along the way. Speaking of battling monsters, Ring Fit Adventure utilizes a very unique fighting mechanic which requires the player to perform exercise moves such as squats, yoga poses, crunches to destroy their opponents.

Unfortunately, there is no official information in regards to the Malaysia release date as well as local pricing of the game. Would you be interested in getting the Ring Fit Adventure? Let us know on our Facebook page, and for more updates like this stay tuned to