No more MyTukar, it’s Carro now


MyTukar , one of the services that offers facilities for buying and selling used vehicles, now announces its rebranding as Carro. In case you didn't know, Carro is the brand for MyTukar's parent company in Singapore, and by changing the name of MyTukar to Carro, it also standardizes the branding of the service in the region.

For your information, we will see various MyTukar brands previously changed to Carro – including in products, services and marketing. The MyTukar website itself has now started taking users to the Carro site . Previously, MyTukar was founded in 2017 in Malaysia, and it subsequently received an injection of $30 million from Carro in 2019.

Today, MyTukar has 27 inspection centers, 5 workshops, 2 repair centers, and 11 retail centers. Plus, we could expect these numbers to rise in the future. That would make car maintenance a lot easier.

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