No more news headline on X, now the CEO wants you to publish directly on the platform


Elon Musk just loves drama, isn’t he? Recently, he suggested that X get rid of the block function from the app. Now, the X CEO might change the way we see news. If you are a long-time X user, you would know that the app has always been an excellent platform for catching up with the latest updates or news.

According to Fortune, Elon intends to remove news headlines altogether from the timeline. Based on his reasoning, this will free up more space on the timeline for more posts. On top of that, it seems that Elon is trying to reduce traffic on competing websites. This can be done if journalists post their images and links directly on the app instead of on other websites.

He also added that journalists who desired more writing freedom and higher income should write directly on the platform. As of now, this could happen very soon. A recent update to the X app shows a label which displays the URL of websites above the images for the shared news article. Some netizens, especially advertisers expressed their dissatisfaction on this matter. However, Elon intends to proceed with it.

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