Nokia 6 put through scratch and bend test. How does it fare?


JerryRigEverything, a YouTuber famous for doing scratch and bend tests on various phones have just posted their findings for the Nokia 6. So, exactly how durable is the device? We shall find out.

As shown in the video, the screen of the Nokia 6, being protected by Gorilla Glass 3, doesn’t scratch easily. The same goes to the glass covering the phone’s rear camera as well as its fingerprint reader. And, as with most metal-bodied phones these days, the Nokia 6, being made out of aluminium, is easily scratched on the sides and back, but, its unibody, being crafted out of a single piece of aluminium, adds up to the overall rigidity of the device, which, according to JerryRigEverything, is extremely hard to bend, and that the Nokia 6 is “one of the most solid devices” he had tested.

The Nokia 6 does seem pretty impressively solid for a midrange device. While there had still been not much news about local availability, we sure hope to see the device being introduced in Malaysia soon. Stay tuned on for more updates regarding Nokia in future.


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