Nokia X: How to install Android apps directly

Nokia X Malaysia.jpg

While the Nokia X may look like a Windows phone, complete with a seemingly similar LiveTiles interface, the operating system is undoubtedly Android. Based off of Android 4.1, all of the official apps are available on the Nokia Store, but as mentioned before, you can install Android Apps. According to Nokia, you can do this through third-party markets, and like any other Android device you can also download or transfer the apps .apk file and install it directly. Here is a short guide on how to do that. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Download or transfer the .apk file to the Nokia X or microSD card
  2. Open your file manager
  3. Find the .apk file of the app you want to install
  4. Tap on the .apk file
  5. Tap install

Nokia X apps.jpg

You can then open the app or set up the shortcut if it hasn't been done already. Most Android apps will work on the Nokia X but there are some that won't work, either due to hardware limitations or compatibility issues, so be prepared.


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