Nothing Ear (stick)'s design revealed, with earbuds weighing only 4.4grams

Nothing Ear (stick) design cover.jpg

The second Nothing audio gadget, Ear (stick), is scheduled to arrive next week on 26 October. Before that, the brand's official Twitter account shared an image to reveal more about the design.

According to the image, the Nothing Ear (stick) earbuds will feature a semi-in-ear design with a smaller stem than the Ear (1). The earbuds also keep the dual-tone design, as the earbud is white while the transparent stem goes with black. Furthermore, the caption also claims that the company has tested over 100 pairs of earbuds for enhanced comfort. Not only that, but it also mentions that the earbuds only weigh 4.4grams.

Besides the earbuds, there's also the cylindrical charging case. It has a rotating cover that is transparent in design, while the bottom part of the case has a white coat of paint on it. Another side of the charging case is coloured red. Nothing says that the design is "inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes, and compactly formed to simply glide into pockets."

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