Now even more Huawei phones to trade-in for up to RM2200 off a Huawei P30 series smartphone, here's how!


If you've been thinking about trading in your old Huawei phone and Level Up to the latest Huawei P30 series smartphone you can just dropby the nearest of the 108 Huawei Experience Stores across Malaysia starting from 6 April 2019. On top of getting a Huawei P30, you’ll be eligible for VIP deals and offers such as 5 times free access to the Plaza Premium Lounge for a year, Special Green Fees at the Palm Garden Gold Club, buy 2 free 1 buffet at the Hilton KL, 30% off backpacks in Samsonite, 70% discounts on Aerotours by Aerocentric and many more.

However for those of you who need a bit more info, feel free to see the guide below.

  1. Back up all your data, remove both the SIM and SD cards on your HUAWEI flagship device.
  2. Bring this device to any HUAWEI Experience Store where the staff will check it.
  3. A diagnostic app will be installed on the device to test out the functions of the device (speakers, camera, charging function, etc.). Once completed, the app will show the trade-in value of the device.
  4. Once the amount is agreed to, staff will then print a non-cash voucher to be used only for the purchase of the HUAWEI P30 Series, on the same day, and in the same HUAWEI Experience Store. Do note that only one flagship device is eligible for the ‘Level Up’ Programme per transaction.

Below this is the list of smartphones as well as the maximum trade in price for each individual phone. Do bear in mind that if the diagnostic app determines that some functions do not work or the physical condition of the phone is damaged, the trade-in price may be lower than listed below.

Model Grade A Trade Value
Huawei Mate 8 32GB RM450
Huawei Mate 8 64GB RM600
Huawei Mate 9 RM500
Huawei Mate 9 Pro RM650
Huawei Mate 10 RM900
Huawei Mate 10 Pro RM1100
Huawei Mate 20 RM1500
Huawei Mate 20 X RM1900
Huawei Mate 20 Pro RM2200
Huawei P9 32GB RM450
Huawei P9 64GB RM500
Huawei P9 Plus 64GB RM550
Huawei P10 RM600
Huawei P10 Plus RM650
Huawei P20 RM1050
Huawei P20 Pro RM1250
Huawei Nova 2 Plus RM300
Huawei Nova 2i RM200
Huawei Nova 3 RM650
Huawei Nova 3i RM400

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