OPPO A9 2020 with quad camera, 8GB + 128GB and more set to be released in September

OPPO Unveils All-New A9 2020 in September!.jpg

So previously, the phone with a quad-camera setup that OPPO Malaysia was teasing about turns out to be the OPPO A9 2020. Normally, the A series doesn't get that much recognition so we are surprised, but a welcomed one. Here's what we know about the smartphone so far.

According to the company, the A9 2020 sports a quad rear camera module comprising of a 48MP main sensor and an ultra-wide lens (we are guessing it's an 8MP sensor since it's common for entry-level devices). Besides that, the memory capacity is rather impressive, housing 8GB of RAM and 128GB ROM. The battery pack is 5000mAh as well.

From the image cover, the design seems to be in green and blue only. There's no information on its availability yet except scheduled to be released in September. Until then, stay tuned for more OPPO news at TechNave.com.

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