OPPO confirms new smartphone which features 90Hz display


The OPPO Reno2 was just launched recently by OPPO. Now, the company has confirmed a brand new smartphone which will feature a 90Hz display. The smartphone will be part of a brand new lineup and will not be in the OPPO Reno series.

OPPO Vice President, Shen Yiren had revealed that the smartphone may be launched in the second half of September, after the OPPO Reno2 launch in China. Sources claim that OPPO may be eliminating 60Hz displays from their flagship devices in a few years. 

So far, no other information such as tech specs, features and pricing has been made known about the device but we can safely assume that the device may be a flagship device. Either Way, is a 90Hz display a good reason for you to upgrade to an OPPO flagship? Keep up with the latest OPPO news on TechNave.com!