OPPO could enter the gaming smartphone segment with a subtle-looking device

OPPO gaming smartphone EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of techradar

As some of us might think that a regular smartphone can work as good as a gaming smartphone, we might still prefer devices that have subtle looks as our daily drivers rather than the ones having bold designs. To persuade us to get a gaming-oriented machine, OPPO might enter the gaming smartphone segment soon with a device that looks chill enough but also has its unique gaming twists. 

The new patent revealed by a Weibo user shows that OPPO's rumoured gaming phone has a design that is quite different from others in the market. It comes with a splicing texture on the back and a white circle in the middle, which are enough for it to be recognized as a gaming smartphone. Other than that, OPPO did nothing else exaggerating by also making it look like a conventional smartphone. 

OPPO gaming phone 1.jpg

It is unsure if OPPO had really planned to enter the segment. Earlier, the company announced its smartphone series and strategies behind them with "Find focuses on the high-end niche; Reno focuses on the explosive models; A series is an entry-level boutique; K series focuses on the online market." If the Chinese smartphone manufacturer were confirmed eyeing the gaming market, it might need to do something to the strategy. 

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