OPPO's executive claims that fully charging a phone in one second will happen

OPPO fully charge one second cover.jpg

Photo courtesy of Tech Guide

Fully charge your phone within one second sounds impossible, but it's achievable. During an interview with Tech Radar, Edward Tian, the head of the Charging Technology Lab at OPPO, mentions that it is coming our way in the future.

Currently, smartphones like the realme GT Neo 3 could go up to 50% in just five minutes. You might think that was crazy a few years ago, but we got it anyway. Now, it's the same case with getting your device juiced up in one second. Although it should take some time, it's not undoable.

Tian says that "increasing the charging speed is not the most challenging part [of this one-second goal]. To bring a good fast charging experience to users, we have to take more aspects into consideration, such as safety, charging temperature, the energy density of the battery cell, the size of the charger, battery lifespan, etc." In the end, he also reminded us to not keep the battery at 100% or 0% for a long time, as it would only damage the battery.

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