OPPO trademarked "OCAR" and it could be the name for its car project


Photo courtesy of CarNewsChina.com

Like Apple and HUAWEI, OPPO might also venture into the electric car business in the future. According to the latest report, the company has filed a trademark for the name "OCAR", which could be telling us that the smartphone manufacturer might already start working on its car project.

The trademark is classified under a scientific instrument by the international classification, and it's currently waiting for examination. Besides that, not much information can be found in the document but filing this trademark amidst the car rumours is definitely a suspicious move.

Earlier, it was reported that the project will be led by the company's CEO and Founder Tony Chen. Rumour has it, the company has begun the search for resources, talents within the industry, and been testing the viability of the project. For now, the dots are still far from being connected so that we could only wait for the company to make official statements regarding the project.

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