Official cash-back list of Huawei smartphones, up to RM396

HUAWEI cash-backcover.png

So just a few hours ago, Huawei Malaysia has announced that their fans and customers will get to enjoy a 6% cash-back off the retail recommended price for selected products. This will start from tomorrow onwards (18 May) until 31 May 2018.

Does this include the latest P20 and P20 Pro? Why, yes! In fact, it goes as far to their tablets and wearables as well. Even the Porche Design Mate RS which was recently announced by the company with a limited 200 units in stock, granting anyone who gets their hands on a cash-back of RM396.

Cash back value of HUAWEI devices are as follows:

Selected Huawei devices RRP (RM) Cash-back (RM)
Porsche Design Mate RS RM6999 RM396
Porsche Design Mate 10 RM6999 RM396
P20 Pro RM3299 RM187
P20 RM2599 RM147
Mate 10 Pro RM3099 RM175
Mate 10 RM2299 RM139
Nova 3e RM1399 RM79
Nova 2i RM999 RM57
Nova 2 lite RM799 RM45
Nova 2 Plus RM1699 RM96
P10 Plus RM2499 RM141
P10 RM2399 RM136
P10 lite RM1299 RM74
Nova lite (black and gold) RM699 RM40
Nova Lite (blue) RM749 RM42
Mate 9 Pro RM3299 RM187
Mate 9 RM2499 RM141
Y7 Prime RM899 RM51
Y6 (2018) RM899 RM51
Y5 Prime (2018) RM519 RM29
T3 7 Tablet RM499 RM28
M3 Lite Tablet RM999 RM57
Watch 2 RM1999 RM113
Watch eSIM RM1999 RM113

By the way, in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya festival. Huawei is also running the Gaya Raya Bersama campaign where participants have a chance to win a family trip to Tokyo Disneyland or Club Med Bali. You can read more about over here, and stay tuned for more Huawei news at

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