Older Samsung phones might have a green line issue after software updates

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If you are a Samsung smartphone enthusiast, this news might surprise you. Recently, a few users reported that older Samsung phones experienced a green line issue after its software update. That said, what should you know about it?

According to user Babu_R, this issue was spotted immediately after the software update on the Galaxy S21 FE. Another user reported the same issue after installing the April patch for their Galaxy S21 Ultra. Interestingly, the issue does not resolve after a factory reset. So, we can rule out software glitches for this issue.

In addition, this issue could stem from faulty hardware. It could also be affected by environmental factors. Incidentally, Samsung phones with Exynos chips are affected by this factor more. As of now, Samsung has yet to address this issue. Hopefully, we will receive an official announcement on this subject soon.


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