One UI 6.1 update now on previous-generation Samsung phones


When it comes to our smartphones, updating the software is important as it keeps our phones safe from cyber threats. These software updates are great because they ensure you get the latest features, bug fixes, and quality-of-life upgrades to your phone. In turn, the improvements mean you can afford to keep your phone longer before needing to get a new one.

Like all Android brands, Samsung offers multiple years of free updates to its custom One UI OS, which is now at version 6.1. Previously, it was only available on the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series. However, Samsung recently released the One UI 6.1 update to previous-generation Galaxy devices as well. The latest version is now available for selected Galaxy S series, Galaxy Z Fold series, Galaxy Z Flip series, and Galaxy Tab S series devices.


You can now start the update by navigating to Settings, selecting Software Update, then tapping on Download and Install. To see whether your device is eligible for the update, check the list below.

Samsung Galaxy devices that can now be updated to One UI 6.1:

So, what has changed in One UI 6.1? We know that Galaxy AI is the biggest thing that happened with the update. If you're interested, you can check our previous article about Galaxy AI here. But below is a summary of how the update would benefit users of previous generations of Samsung Galaxy devices.


Previous Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra now have the latest One UI 6.1

As mentioned, the biggest part of One UI 6.1 is the introduction of Galaxy AI. Now, Galaxy devices like the newly updated Galaxy Z Fold series can perform multiple AI tasks simultaneously, thanks to their large screens. For example, you can use Circle to Search by Google to find details about a product in a photo, then copy the info to Samsung Notes and use Note assist to edit it.

You could also access the many AI photo editing features now on the previous Galaxy Z Flip series smartphones. Flip the phone open, take a quick snap of the landscape, and remove all the unwanted subjects in the background with a few taps and the Generative Fill will then intelligently take care of the empty spaces. With Photo assist, you can easily make changes to photos you take without having to wait for the 'ideal' shot.


One of the Photo Assist features lets you remove subjects and fill in the cropped out space


Note Assist can turn scribbled notes into text form, summarise documents, and beautify your notes

As for the Galaxy Tab S9 series, it benefits most from One UI 6.1's productivity-related AI features. For instance, you can use Note assist to quickly organise and summarize the notes you wrote in class with your S Pen and it can even suggest a cover for your Notes. You can also use Transcript Assist to convert the audio recorded into text form, which could be useful to transcribe meeting minutes or lecture classes. And if you need a quick alternative idea you can use Write assist in the Samsung Keyboard to change up the Writing style.

One UI 6.1 also delivers other powerful yet practical enhancements and aesthetic improvements, making your Samsung experience even better! If your device can update to One UI 6.1, you should definitely update it now and if it can’t, it may just be time to consider getting one that does. For more details on One UI 6.1, you can also visit the Samsung Malaysia website.


Expect more devices to receive the One UI 6.1 update in the future


So, have you updated your Samsung Galaxy device to One UI 6.1? What do you think about it and Galaxy AI so far? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page, and stay tuned to TechNave for more articles like this.