OnePlus removed the alert slider on the 10T to make room for other internal components

feat image oneplus 10t alert slider.jpg

Previously, we reported on the official launch date of the OnePlus 10T as well as some info regarding its specs. Now, more has been revealed by the tech company regarding the upcoming device, including the reason why the alert slider has been removed.

OnePlus chief designer Hope Liu in an interview with The Verge clarified that it was necessary to remove the internal slider so as to make room for other internal components. He further elaborated that with the alert slider there, there won’t be enough internal space to put ‘high wattage charging’ components as well as ‘a large battery capacity’ and ‘better antenna signal’.


Liu said that in order to achieve the sort of charging speeds the company wants for the 10T, two ‘charging pumps’ must be put inside the device. However, no official charging speed was mentioned by the chief designer.

While the alert slider appears to be a very small component, Liu said that it actually has a relatively large impact on the device’s motherboard area. Instead, OnePlus has decided to make room for the charging components as well as for putting 15 separate antennas to improve  signal when holding the device horizontally.

Putting the alert slider in tandem with the other upgrades mentioned will make the 10T thicker, something that OnePlus are trying to avoid. Hence, that’s why the 10T and potentially other future devices by OnePlus won’t have the iconic slider moving forward.

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