OnePlus to combine Hydrogen OS and Oxygen OS to streamline software development



A report online stated that OnePlus is set to combine their two branches into a single OS for faster and better OS development for their customers. Oxygen OS – used in OnePlus devices in the general market – and Hydrogen OS – used in OnePlus devices in the China market – is set to combine together in the near future. Will this news hold water?

One of the reasons that was cited for the combination was to speed up software updates for OnePlus devices. This will result in better protection for users as new updates can be sent out in a prompt manner, rather than having to wait for updates to be developed for both Hydrogen and Oxygen OS.

For those who likes the stock Android experience on Oxygen, you may be disappointed as more features from Hydrogen may be incorporated into Oxygen. On the other hand, this may mean that we get faster software updates down the road from OnePlus. Stay tuned with TechNave for more news on this OS merger.


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