Opensignal - Malaysia has world’s 4th highest average 5G download speed

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Opensignal, a website specialising in mobile network performance measurement and analysis recently lauded Malaysia as a global leader in 5G connectivity thanks to our fast and reliable networks. This is according to its latest “Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience” study released in June which ranked our country favourably in multiple categories. 

Opensignal found that Malaysia has an average 5G download speed of 322.7 Mbps, placing us 4th in the list. In that benchmark, we are only behind South Korea (432.5 Mbps), Singapore (376.8 Mbps) and Brazil (346.4 Mbps).

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Furthermore, Malaysia is one of only seven countries worldwide to have an average 5G speed of above 300 Mbps. Our 5G network is also found to be 14.4x faster than 4G, which places us behind India (19.2x) in the category.

Our 5G network scored favourably in 5G average upload speeds as well, placing third with 41.5 Mbps. Only South Korea and Guatemala have higher average upload speeds, both at 42 Mbps. 

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Opensignal also asserted that Malaysia's 5G network delivers excellent speed and reliability, outperforming many industrialised nations. The study said such a performance is really notable due to our relatively recent 5G launch. 

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