Opensignal - Malaysia scores low in the Reliability Experience report


In the past few reports, Opensignal has openly commended Malaysia's 5G network connectivity. For instance, it was only recently that OpenSignal said Malaysia has the second-fastest 5G download speed in Asia. However, we aren't doing so great in terms of network reliability. 

Before we dive into the rankings, here's a summary of what the report says. According to the Opensignal US Household Survey of 55,322 individuals, mobile users would prefer reliable network services to faster speeds and considered Reliability second only to cost when deciding on a wireless carrier. 19% of respondents point to Reliability as the key aspect of carrier evaluation vs. only 7% pointing to upload/download speed.


Although the survey was conducted in the US, Opensignal also analysed the reliability of mobile networks across 40 mobile markets globally. As aforementioned, Malaysia didn't do so well with 790 points which is the bottom four in the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, the top four in the same category are Japan (914 points), South Korea (913 points), Taiwan (890 points) and Singapore (867 points). 

Do note that the network reliability didn't specify if it was 4G or 5G. However, it's a known fact that even our 4G coverage connectivity in Malaysia is generally inconsistent. For instance, we recently did a survey asking our readers if CelcomDigi's performance had gotten worse after the merger

To read the full analysis and data, you can visit Opensignal's report right over here to check it out.