PADU denies that its database was hacked, advises the public to not spread fake news

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The Central Database Hub (PADU) has denied the viral message that’s currently circulating on social media which claims that its database has been hacked by the hacker group ROOTK1T. Dubbing it as fake news, PADU thus advises the public to not share or spread the viral message. 

In a post, PADU’s official X account released a disclaimer against the fake news that was spreading on social media. The post included a screenshot of a post by ROOTK1T claiming that PADU has been hacked and that they’re selling data from the database to the highest bidder. The screenshot also said that the starting price for the hacked data is USD50k. 

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PADU then stressed that it had examined the claim and found that it was not true. PADU thus advised the public to not spread the fake news.

PADU further stressed that it constantly safeguards the security of the people’s data on the database and will never compromise when it comes to cybersecurity. 

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