Pandamart to expand across Malaysia bringing groceries and fresh produce in under 20 minutes


Pandamart recently held a virtual tour of one of their 25 Pandamart dark stores showing off their wide range of groceries, body care products, cosmetics, fresh produce and more. While they’ve been open since July 2020, Pandamart will soon expand in Seremban, Melaka and Ipoh with plans to expand everywhere in Malaysia (including East Malaysia) to be implemented next year in 2021. Deliveries are offered under 20 minutes through FoodPanda riders using the FoodPanda app in their stores section.

Response for Pandamart has so far been really good, with mineral water and groceries being the main products bought. Delivery fees for Pandamart are still free at the moment with nominal fees of RM1 to RM2 to be implemented in the next few months. New stores will get Pandamart promos for the first months and there are no limitations or additional fees on the amount of products you can buy for each order. If you buy more than what a single rider can carry, more riders will be despatched at no extra cost.




One of the 25 Pandamart dark stores, contains 3500+ products for online delivery

Pandamart is designed to run 24/7 but due to CMCO, available times are currently from 6am to 12am (midnight) or 10pm depending on the CMCO area. After CMCO,  it will be available 24/7. Just like foodpanda, if you are not satisfied with product quality like bruised or spoiled produce you are welcome to complain and get a refund via the Foodpanda app.

We're certainly interested in another option for online groceries, especially if delivery times are as advertised, but what do you think? Have you managed to try out Pandamart already or are looking forward to it? Let us know in our Facebook page and stay tuned to