PlayStation's Seize The Throne campaign is letting you win a PS5 console

Seize The Throne cover EDITED.jpg

PlayStation is now giving you a chance to win the hard-to-get PlayStation 5 console with the global "Seize The Throne" campaign. Not only that, but it also invites PS4 and PS5 players to take up various challenges, play your favourite games and win exclusive PSN avatars or PS4 themes for every Community Goal reached.

The campaign registration starts on 28 October at 8 PM with the first Stage kicking off on 2 November. After that, every time you play a game, use the Share features or earn a Trophy in any PS4 or PS5 game, you'll gain points to achieve the current Community Goal. When the Community hits the target, everyone who signed up before the Stage gets to win!

Seize The Throne 1.jpg

Seize The Throne 2.jpg

On 18 November at 2 AM, three skill-based questions will be released on the official site as well, and each question will have its own prize. These include a PULSE 3D wireless headset with a $100 PlayStation Store gift card, King's PlayStation Shapes ring set, and of course, the PlayStation 5 console.

If you own a PS4, or luckier, a PS5, be sure to check out the campaign! Stay tuned to for more tech updates.