Pokémon GO is now live in Malaysia


Yes, you heard it right Pokémon fans. The app has finally arrive in Malaysia after the long wait! You can go download it via iOS Apple Store and Google Play Store right now! Remember, the company is by Niantic Inc. so don't get fooled into downloading some other third party app. 

Also, in case you haven't heard. Grab and Hotlink are teaming up to provide a FREE Grab-powered PokéMobile ride for the first 2 days as promised. Hotlink will be providing 100 USD worth of PokéCoins (around 14500) via HotLink Cash Online and a 10% discount of PokéCoins purchases for Hotlink users who get a ride on the 4 PokéMobiles which will be available during the promotional period.

Are you still reading this? Just go play already! Be safe and stay tuned for more news at Technave.com!