Pokemon Go trainers now get more Gift items, Pokemon Catch bonuses, a new PokeCoin bundle and more


With the on-going control order period in Malaysia, Pokemon Go fans have been stuck at home ever since and Niantic have been providing them ways to play the game indoors. Today, there is a new update from the company giving players better gaming experience which includes Gift changes, Pokemon Catch bonuses and a new rotating 1 Pokecoin bundle. Here's how each mechanic works.

Starting with the Gifts, the number has been increased to 30 whereas the inventory for storing them has been increased to 20. Pokeballs are also included daily so that's nice to know. Moreover, your XP and stardust will be tripled for your first Pokemon catch of the day. But sure to activate a Star Piece and Lucky Egg first in order to maximize that.

Next, the 1 PokeCoin bundle can be purchased in the shop but only as a 1-time purchase every week. Also, the bundle changes every week so it won't be the same thing. As for now, the first 1 PokeCoin bundle contains 100 Pokeballs. By the way, since the new update allows you to trade 30 Incense for 1 Pokecoin from now on until 30 March 2020, all Incense and Pokeball bundles are removed.

To add on, the Pokemon Go Team plans to integrate a new "Today View" in the mobile app. This is so that every trainer will get updated on what's happening in Events, Pokemon in Gyms, Streaks and upcoming news. It will be placed next to the "Field" and "Special" section.

That's all for now, hope you Pokemon Go trainers are doing alright at home. Stay healthy and stay tuned for more mobile game app news at TechNave.com.