Pornhub sees spike in traffic due to COVID-19, search queries from Malaysia up by 84%


With so many of us stuck in our houses these days, people are looking for all sorts of ways to keep themselves occupied. Pornhub has become one of the sites that benefitted most, with some unusual happenings as a result. In recent weeks, the company's research team had been seeing some weird search queries.

As early as 25 January 2020, people have begun to search for "Coronavirus" and "corona virus" in Pornhub. By 12 March 2020, the research team found that over 6.87 million users searched for "corona" and "Corona" in the past 30 days. Also, the search volume for related terms on 5 March spiked to 1.5 million. Funny enough, among the countries with people that input search queries about the virus. Malaysia ranked fourth-highest with an increase in the total volume search queries of 84%.


Researchers have admitted that they don't know why users are searching about the virus in Pornhub. Maybe they want to see porn related to it? Although visits to Pornhub have increased, it is interesting to note that the time spent visiting websites varies from person to person. For example, Pornhub's traffic on 11 March was 5.7% higher than Wednesday's average. At 2 am local time, the traffic was 11% higher than the average, and at 8 am, the traffic was 9% lower than the average.

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