Professional photographer? Grryo proves that you only need the HTC 10

HTC's recent new flagship HTC 10 packs a 12-megapixel camera with an F1.8 aperture and a rather large pixel that are 1.55 microns. In order to showcase the camera of the HTC 10, HTC partnered with a social media photographers platform named Grryo to take some photo samples with the HTC 10.


The photographers from Grryo were given a task to get their hands on with the phone for a couple days to take photos of their hometowns' landmarks. And here are the rest of the photos sample.


I bet you all must be impressed by the quality of the sample photos, Grryo has proven to us that a camera is just a tool for us to use, even if you own the world most expensive camera, it still doesn't make you a great photographer. Perhaps, it is more about the person behind the camera but it certainly helps if you have a capable device like the HTC 10.


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