Proton S70 Malaysia released - C-segment 1.5T vehicle, starting price from RM73,800


Finally, Proton officially unveiled its latest car - the Proton S70 as a new C-segment sedan lineup. There are four car models - starting with RM73,800 for the Executive, followed by Premium at RM79,800, then Flagship and Flagship X at RM89,800 and RM94,800 respectively.

For interested customers, Proton announced that the early birds of the S70 will enjoy several benefits. First, they will receive a free 5-year Wi-Fi plan of 1GB per month, which is limited to Flagship and Flagship X models. Moreover, there's a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty provided by the manufacturer, and the details can be consulted with the authorized sales representative of the manufacturer.


Additionally, the customers can also benefit from a salary waiver for six factory maintenance trips, as well as a special loan interest rate of as low as 2.34%. The first 3000 customers who purchase the S70 1.5 Flagship model will also enjoy a free Sporty Body Kit (worth RM3100) as a gift and a free maintenance voucher worth RM500. Natural disaster protection services are also included in the first year of insurance premiums.

In terms of specifications, the Proton S70 is powered by a 50-litre 3 Cylinders In-Line, 12 Valve DOHC, Turbocharged engine (the same one as the X5 1.5 Premium, Executive and Standard). Since there's no Direct Injection technology, the lineup has a relatively low horsepower and torque output. Nevertheless, it has a 1.5-litre MPI Turbo engine.


The entry-level 1.5T S70 Executive has most of the basic features. But compared to the Premium model, the latter has additional LED headlight clusters, continuous LED tail light clusters, manual leather seats, a single-zone automatic climate control system, and a traditional reversing camera. Meanwhile, the Flagship is a fully equipped model with semi-autonomous driving assistance systems, including the full-speed automatic following (ACC), automatic brake assist (AEB), lane keeping assist (LKAS), lane centring assist (LCA) and tire pressure monitor (TPMS).

On the other hand, the Flagship X is quite identical to the Flagship in terms of configuration. The only difference is that the Flagship X comes with an additional standard-sized openable sunroof. Also, the display inside the car uses an ATLAS operating system which supports a 4G wireless network and Hi Proton voice assistant. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not supported.


According to Proton, the S70's semi-autonomous driving assistance system is different from the X50. In fact, the former has a more reliable and accurate judgment effect than the X50 because it relies on the high-definition camera on the windshield to detect and judge.

Proton highlighted the S70's semi-autonomous driving assistance system, which is different from the X50 and relies on the high-definition camera on the windshield to detect and judge, which has a more reliable and accurate judgment effect than the X50. Anyway, you can learn more about the S70 lineup by visiting the official website right here.