Puzzlephone is the new Project Ara modular smartphone competitor


Google's Project ARA isn't the only modular smartphone under development. A Finnish startup by the name of Circular Devices has just announced a new project, called the Puzzlephone. As the name suggests, it is a modular smartphone with replaceable parts which can be put together like a puzzle. However, you can't replace everything on this phone like Project ARA.  It is made up of three different components namely the brain, spine and heart. The brain consists of electronic components like the processor and the camera. The spine includes speakers, main buttons, microphone and display while the hear houses the phone's battery and other secondary components. You can swap each of these modules to upgrade your device.


For example, if you want a more powerful phone or a better camera, just buy a new brain for the device with a powerful processor. Similarly, replacing the heart with a larger battery will increase your battery life. While there are no Malaysia release dates or pricing details yet, the Puzzle phone is expected to hit markets by the second half of 2015. Initially, it will run on a modified version of Android, but the company plans to support other platforms such as Windows Phone, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS after the device is successfully launched.