Qualcomm announces Clear Sight tech for cameras – better low-light and dual-sensor performance expected


A new technology was just announced by the maker of Snapdragon processor. Qualcomm announced the new Clear Sight dual camera processing tech, supported on the Snapdragon 820 and 821, which promises better images out of the box.

What it does is that it uses one camera-and-lens combo to shoot colour and one to shoot in grayscale – something akin to the cameras in the Huawei P9 and the Honor 8. When both sensors combine the images that are taken at the same time, the result is photos with better contrast, less noise, and more sharpness, especially in low light conditions. Qualcomm says the setup mimics the function of cones and rods in the human eye.


Qualcomm did not announce which devices currently is using Clear Sight, and any other future devices for that matter. What matters is that we can get better photos soon out of flagship smartphones – the ones with dual sensors anyway. Stay tuned to TechNave as we bring more information on the Qualcomm Clear Sight technology.