Qualcomm confirms that HUAWEI no longer needs its chips and has moved to its own in-house processors

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Qualcomm has announced that Chinese tech giant HUAWEI is no longer using its mobile chips and that the latter is now utilising its in-house processors. This is after the US banned Qualcomm and Intel from exporting chips to the company.

As reported by the Chinese publication My Drivers, Qualcomm’s CFO made it clear that it is expecting no chip sales revenue from HUAWEI as it no longer needs chips from the company, even 4G or 5G chips. Furthermore, Qualcomm asserted that the US ban will have little impact on HUAWEI. 

In recent years, HUAWEI devices have moved away from US hardware and software. Most of the new devices launched by the company utilise the in-house Kirin processors and without any Google services in its software.

HUAWEI is also reportedly working on Kirin processors for the PC, similar to the Apple M-series SoCs. It’s intriguing to see how the HUAWEI ecosystem will move forward with all in-house hardware and software. 

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