Realistic Apple iWatch concept render appears

Apple iWatch concept render 1.jpg

While the Apple iWatch definitely looks to become a reality soon, there has been little to no news as to how the iWatch may actually look. A concept render by designer Stephen Olmstead shows how Apple could do a stylish yet realistic iWatch without having to make it look like a "rectangular screen bolted onto a watch band" as Olmstead puts it. Going for a simple rounded watch look, the concept uses an e-ink display for longer battery life and postulates that it could be used as a tether or remote camera shutter trigger along with Siri voice commands. It is by no means an official render though, but all in all, the concept looks very achievable yet retains the same look and feel of a stylish leather watch so do check out all the images below for yourself.

Apple iWatch concept render 2.jpg


Apple iWatch concept render 3.jpg