Realme releasing a 64MP AI Quad Camera smartphone soon?


There have been rumours floating around, hinting the possibility that smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi could have their smartphones fitted with a 64MP image sensor. Surprisingly, Realme was the first to release a photo sample taken from the aforementioned image sensor, beating Samsung and Xiaomi to the punch.

Based on Twitter user IceUniverse, the file size of the image is about 16MB and it has an image resolution of 9216x6912 pixels. If you look closely at the watermark on the bottom left, it seems that the upcoming Realme device is expected to come with an AI Quad Camera setup. IceUniverse also noted that the image sensor is being developed, as well as manufactured by Samsung.

That being said, it is reasonable to assume that we could potentially see a Samsung smartphone equipped with a 64MP image sensor in the future. Do take every bit of information with a grain of salt, as there were no official information such as the tech specs and Malaysia release date. In addition to that, none of the relevant parties released any information on when these products will be available in Malaysia.

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